One Kinship, One Hope, One Soul, One Honor, One Destiny, One Blood, One Clan
The Guild Vault, accessable from any bank in the realm. While anyone can deposit into any tab there are withdraw restrictions.

Repair Funds Per Character: 160 gold

The Vault is is divided up in the the following categories:

Free for All
Who can Access: All Members and Probies
Restrictions: None
Item Types: Anything of low value value or that is destined to be used in high volume
Note: This tab is also designed to be used as a 'quick transfer' between folks on different sides of the worldmap rather than sending it through the mail, note that it is highly suggested that both parties are AT the a vault before the items are placed in...just in case.
Reserved Access
Who can Access: All Members (and *Probies*)
Restrictions: Limited use by Members, Probies do not have access(see Notes)
Item Types: Higher value greens and crafting items
Note: *Probies are welcome to items from this tab however they will have to have a Full Member or Officer retreive them.
Restricted Access
Who can Access: Officers
Restrictions: Items should be used immediately, not stored
Item Types: High value or rare items, and any items managed collectively
Note: Any officer can withdraw items for you from this tab but they will want to ensure they are of immediate use for the char and not banked to 'grow into,' and some items may require a request post if they are under guild management (so that all members know where collective resources are going)

You can nab an officer in-game or PM Rhianidd.