The 'no drama' thing comes from the Daggers' unique approach to discipline: get out of line and we promote you. Works astoundingly well; haven't had so much as a food fight in years.
- Vincent
The expected conduct of a Silver Dagger comes down to a simple rule: set a good example in everything you do. Don't be a jerk, make up for it if you do, let it go if someone was a jerk and tries to make up for it, and if you have a problem with someone, sit down and work it out like adults. And, yet, naturally, it's always more complicated than that...
The Silver Daggers' reputation is linked to each member. Reputation is hard won and quickly lost.

  • Every effort upon the part of every member must be made in the preservance and furtherance of the guild's reputation.
  • Members must be in control of their character's actions and able to prevent or expeditiously halt actions that contravene the Silver Dagger Guidelines or those related by Blizzard's representatives or contained in Blizzard's policy documentation.
  • Mistakes and accidents that occur regarding game etiquette or that result in infractions of game policy or Silver Dagger Guidelines must be immediately addressed and corrected with the injured party at the first instance. (If a satisfactory result can not obtained, full documentation should be submitted to the officers with all dispatch -- tl;dr: when in doubt, screenshots.)
  • Members should respect those outside the Silver Daggers, follow any rules laid out by raid leaders without complaint (if you disagree with them, don't go on the raid), and handle conflicts in a mature manner.
  • A person not in the this chapter of the Silver Daggers should never be allowed access to a character in the Silver Daggers.
Guildmates are to be treated with respect at all times. This is the core of the Dagger Spirit.

Direct or malicious indirect contravention of this guideline will result in disciplinary action. Repeated or flagrant contravention will result in expulsion with prejudice from the Silver Daggers.

Tolerance is to be practiced -- in the actual, not 'politically correct,' sense: if there is an aspect of someone you dislike or disagree with, put up with it; if there's an aspect of you that gets under the skin of others, don't make an issue of it.

The Daggers consider the guild to be family, as such copious teasing is expected; being on the receiving end of the odd running joke should be expected; that you will not always be receptive of it is also to be expected: endure it with good grace as it pays strong dividends. That said, like humor it is all subjective and problems should be worked out quietly and politely as it is a near certainty that no offense is intended.

No one is immune; family is like that.

Harassment / Verbal Abuse
No member of the Silver Daggers should engage in harassment or verbal abuse.

Personal conflicts exist wherever humans coexist and the Daggers acknowledge there is a difference between harassment/verbal abuse and personal conflicts. Remember the tag above your head applies to all your actions, even these.

It should go without saying that Grifing Behavior is simply not tolerated -- even if the receiving player richly deserves it.
Conflict Resolution... 
  • Personality Conflicts (Members): The forums and in-game channels are not to be used for personality conflicts. It would be foolish to think that personality conflicts will not occur among the guild's members at some point. As far as the guild's officers are concerned, unless it reaches the level of harassment, what happens between two people is their business and they are expected to work out the situation as adults. At minimum, that means treating each other with respect in public channels and when grouping with them. If a member feels that discussing the situation with an officer will help, an officer should be contacted.

  • Personality Conflicts (Officers): Personality conflicts arise with officers as well. In the Daggers, Officers (including the Guild Leader) occupy positions of responsibility and are entrusted with commensurate power and authority. Any mis-use of a position of authority will absolutely not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Officers are required to exercise good judgement and fairness in the execution of their responsibilities at all times. Personality conflicts, should they occur, must not enter into the execution of their responsibilities.

  • The Wine Cellar, Private Reserve forum is a private forum that can be used to work out conflicts and misunderstandings among groups of more than two people or where in-game chat, ventrilo, or PMs are unwieldy. This is with an eye to working together as adults to resolve the problem and any variation of mud-slinging. Disciplinary action will be taken against any member misusing this forum or any forum in this manner.

Alternate Characters
Alternate Characters (alts) may be tagged with the Silver Daggers or remain unguilded -- this applies to all characters on Silver Hand. Any exceptions to this must meet strict guidelines and be approved by the Guild Leader and Officers; this includes a "non-guilded" char that desires a guild tag just to ward off random guild invites. The Daggers also runs a shadow-guild for member alts who they do not wish to bring into the Daggers but with to have a tag over their head to fend off the plethora of random invites -- it is only a guild tag, all other guild functions are disabled.

Keep in mind that character names do say something about a guild. While we're fairly tolerant there are some lines that we will not cross. If you have an alt named "usuk" or "gaksu" or "balzosteel" or something else that's not fitting with putting SD in a good light, it won't be tagged under SD (see Reputation)

Bannable Offenses
This list should not be considered comprehensive.
  • Griefing
  • Cheating
  • Trading illegal, obscene or copyrighted material using World of Warcraft or Silver Daggers as a trading vehicle. This includes pornography, warez (pirated material) or anything else traded between two people. This includes Private Messages on the Silver Dagger forums.
  • Harassment. This includes sexual, verbal, or any type of harassment
  • Flagrant or repeated disregard for guild reputation, guild guidelines, or reasonable directions from guild Officers.
  • Real-World Politics or Religion being brought into the guildspace/partyspace/raidspace/gamespace. Infractions of this provision will bring hard and swift reaction: it will not be tolerated in the least amount.

Any actions that are considered bannable, actionable, or not allowed by Blizzardar's core game rules, policies, or official statements by Blizzard Representatives or Community Coordinator are not guild-endorsed and may lead to disciplinary actions.