(Caz) Trolls back there.
(Lore) Apparently they shut down Cazroy's troll brothel.
(Caz) I'm a desperate lock since you stole my pet :p
- Dino IoG raid Apr 13, 2013
  • This application is your introduction to the Clan Officers, make a good first impression.
  • If the application is not filled out completely and honestly, it will not be considered.
  • If you do not take this application seriously, the officers will not take it seriously either.
  • Each application is considered on it's own merrits. Period. Even if you've been a friend of the Clan for eons or have sponsors, friends, or family in the Clan, your application will be evaluated like everyone elses (fair is fair)
  • Take your time filling out the application and take it seriously. The time and effort put into an application can often prove the difference.
  • Never trust the internet! We strongly suggest that you write your responses in a text editor then copy/paste them into the browser to submit. Nothing is more frustrating than submitting an excellent application only to see it disappear into the ether.
  • If you aren't serious about joining the Daggers enough to be patient while your application is reviewed, answer any followup questions that may be asked, and keep up to date on the Dagger forums, save yourself and the guild some effort and don't submit an application. That's not meant to be rude but too many expect to be inducted the same day they apply and that's just not realistic. Each officer reviews each application and this may take several days depending on their Real-Life schedules.
  • Q: Why is this application so long?
    We take our membership and collective reputation very seriously. We also invest a lot of effort and a lot of trust in our new members. So it's only natural that we only want serious applicants and that we want (and need) to get a strong sense of the applicant.
  • Q: Can I be in other guilds on the same server while a member of this one?
    No. Member alts may be tagged with the Daggers or untagged but not members of other guilds. This removes conflicts of interest should there ever be inter-guild problems. (Note: This extends only to guild tags, you can group however you wish)
  • Q: So I should answer the questions the way I think you want them answered?
    Absolutely not. There's no litmus-test answer. And more to the point, honesty in answers will save both the guild and applicants a lot of time and frustration. If there are potential issues, it's better for both applicant and guild to have then in the open from the begining.
  • Q: I'm filling out the application as best I can but it still looks very meager, what should I do?
    Consult a Guild Officer and trade a few e-mails if you're unsure (recruitment officer is a good starting point). They're there to help.

Player Information

Player Name:
Dagger WoW forum Name:
Contact E-Mail:
Verify Contact E-Mail:
Full Member Sponsor (REQUIRED):
State if you are 18 years of age or older:

Main Character Information

Character Name:
Alternate Char. Names, Races, & Levels:

Personality Questionnaire
What do you enjoy the most about playing World of Warcraft?

What do you dislike the most in playing World of Warcraft?

Describe your most memorable experiences in World of Warcraft to date:

Describe your worst experience in World of Warcraft to date:

Describe the strengths and roles of your class brings in a typical hunting group:

What is your overall personal goal in World of Warcraft?

What do you feel is main function of Clans within World of Warcraft?

Assuming you are inducted into the Clan, what kinds of things would you expect from your Clan?

In what ways do you plan on contributing to the Clan and its members?

Rate the following from 1-4 in order of importance (1 being most important) and explain your final answer.

Name 3 websites that provide information on how to play your class as well as general game information
(if applicable)

Why do you want to join the Daggers (as opposed to any other Clan or Guild)?