(Drista): I mean how hard can it be? It's like playing a mage...only takes a monkey to do it...
(Sly): Damn I'm, way behind still playing a squirrel
- Drista and Sly on playing a healer in LFR

The Silver Daggers is a multi-game community who's primary goals are to enjoy the games, enjoy each other, and enjoy losing what's left of our tiny little minds. Secondarily, there are the games themselves -- our policy isn't to recruit people for this game but to build a community for this game, the next game, and the next one after that. The number of official chapters waxes and wanes according to the games themselves and there are unofficially affiliated outposts in other games, formed by Daggers, but not using the 'Silver Dagger' name.

In World of Warcraft, we can be found on Silver Hand, Alliance-side. We also have a Horde-side variant, though less active, called the Savage Daggers

We are a mid-sized guild of players who inhabit that sweet-spot between casual and power-gamer mentalities that makes you want to cry at the thought of a pick-up-group. While the atmosphere is decidedly laid-back, our members are often well-focused on their activity of the evening: there's always gearing up to do, or an achievement needing to be crossed off, or some other wonderful activity to visit interesting places, meet interesting mobs, and die in extremely interesting ways. Oh, if only we could sell tickets to the the Gnekid Gnome Races.

Forums: The Dagger forum are open to the public (well, parts are). The folks there are friendly, happy to answer questions, and only rarely bite. We try to log cyclic events in the forum there so that folks wanting a chance to meet-n-greet and thrash a few mobs can invite themselves along.

Raiding: We have a raiding roster strong enough to raid in-house however we do our raiding through the Leftovers raiding community. While we generally eschew point-systems (a Dagger is more likely to shove loot into your hands than try to snatch it away), Leftovers lets long-time friends raid with us at no detriment to them and lets our members raid with other LO Charters groups as need, desire, and schedules arise. If you're interested in raiding with us, our LO Charter and Schedule of Raids are available for your perusal.

Recruitment: We have a standing Closed-Door policy and never solicit for new members. All recruitment is done via our Sponsorship program (of which you can read more in our Guidelines and Membership Application pages). If you are interested in becoming a Silver Dagger, you will need to acquire a Sponsor, someone in the guild willing to vouch for you, and submit an application. There are no particular play-style requirements toward membership; however, we recruit for the community, not the game: we don't care if you can solo bleeding-edge bosses and crap Legendary gear: it's what you contribute to the Dagger Spirit.

As a guild, we are dedicated to having a good time with each other no matter what we're up to. That, and removing any lingering vestiges of sanity still woefully clinging on for dear life. If your day isn't complete until you've sacrificed a gnome to a boss in hopes of grander loot, you've probably been hanging out with us.